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MV Agusta and Pirelli Design unveil the limited edition Dragster 800 RR Pirelli

Abhishek Samuel  /
25 Sep 2018 14:53:16 IST

MV Agusta and Pirelli Design have come together to unveil the MV Agusta Dragster 800 RR Pirelli. The Dragster Pirelli celebrates the shared values of the two Italian companies and is limited edition motorcycles. The RR 800 Dragster Pirelli will be available in two colour combinations, black and yellow as well as white and blue. The special motorcycle was unveiled on September 22, at the inauguration of the P Zero World of Monte Carlo. The motorcycle is mechanically identical to the standard 800 RR but features a special rubberised coat that prevents scratches to the paint surface.

Here is the full press release:

The collaboration between Pirelli and MV Agusta continues. The two Italian companies stand out for their industrial history - appreciated all over the world for their shared values such as their 'Made in Italy' design and the strong association with motorsport. The result of this synergy is the latest limited edition jewel created by MV Agusta and Pirelli Design, the "Dragster 800 RR PIRELLI", which was presented in a world premiere on Saturday, September 22 at the inauguration of the new P ZERO World of Monte Carlo.

A streetfighter's look with a powerful three-cylinder heart, the MV Agusta Dragster 800 RR is the technical base for the development of this version. It is a perfect blend of raw power, technology and design, while super compact, aggressive and stunningly good looking. The design of the Dragster 800 RR PIRELLI" takes no prisoners - it is emotion in its purest form. The weight distribution, the refined chassis and suspension as well as its unique three-cylinder character are the main characteristics of a machine that was created for the most demanding riding enthusiasts.

For the first time Pirelli Design, born as an incubator of high-end projects with the aim of enhancing technological know-how, high performance standards and the unique glamour inherent in the Pirelli brand not only personalizes the look of the bike containing two different color combinations - the first more gritty black and yellow, the second most elegant white and blue - but has also taken care to enhance functional aspects of the bike.

In fact, the tank slider and the fairing are made of rubber specially formulated by Pirelli's Research and Development department to ensure superior resistance to scratches and rubbing to which these items are subject, as well as to atmospheric and chemical agents, such as the fuel. Both rubber elements are recognizable thanks to the iconic "flash" symbol that distinguishes the tyres of the DIABLO range, including the DIABLO Supercorsa SP that equip this model in 120/70 ZR17 front and 200/55 ZR17 rear with a 16" rim.

The seat was created ad hoc by the Castiglioni Research Centre to make this creation even more exclusive. It stands out for its double texture with contrasting stitching and for the distinctive "flash" of the DIABLO embroidered to embellish the tail unit signed by Pirelli Design. Particularly refined is also the finish of the exhaust silencer terminals, obtained through the application of a special ceramic-based paint, resistant to very high temperatures.

The colors conceived by specialists from the Castiglioni Research Centre and by Pirelli Design aim to enhance the lines of the "Dragster 800 RR PIRELLI". To underline this exclusive partnership, the first proposal includes a matte black base, with glossy inserts painted in yellow to recapture the Pirelli institutional colors. A yellow logo is also for the Pirelli brand on the sides of the tank, as well as for the DIABLO logo, which identifies the range of high-performance Pirelli tyres. The second color is centered on a glossy white base with blue inserts.

To unequivocally identify the bike as a result of the collaboration between MV Agusta and Pirelli, it is possible to purchase, as an exclusive option, DIABLO Supercorsa SP tyres with colored sides, respectively with yellow or blue stripes, depending on the version to which they are combined.

The Dragster 800 RR PIRELLI", which already happened for the Brutale 800 RR PIRELLI, will go into production and be sold in a limited edition, thanks to a separate license agreement between Pirelli and MV Agusta.

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