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MV Agusta records highest sales figures this year with its collaboration with Mercedes - AMG

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17 Dec 2015 20:57:50 IST

Italian bike maker MV Agusta has reached the yearly benchmark of 9000 bikes thanks to strong export numbers and growth in Europe. The strongest export increase of 140 per cent was recorded in the United Kingdom while the domestic sales in Italy remained unaltered from the previous year's figures.

Spain and Germany have recorded increase of 54 per cent and 26 per cent respectively. The rise in sales in Switzerland is reported to be a humble 14 per cent. The sales of MV Agusta bikes have also shown a steady growth in the Far East with new unit sales increasing up to 12 per cent.


Models such as Turismo Veloce and Dragster RR, touted as best sellers for MV Agusta, contributed in the raise of the company's total revenue with an increase of 30 per cent. The company has high hopes on the upcoming All-New Brutale 800 which will be launched in January 2016, fifteen years since the original edition was launched. The Brutale 800 has already sold in excess of 30,000 units.

Since MV Agusta and Mercedes –AMG came into partnership exactly one year ago with Mercedes AMG holding 25 per cent of minority stake in MV Agusta, the companies have showcased and developed their products together under combined motorsport activities and they have also showcased their products together around the world at auto shows of Geneva, Frankfurt and Tokyo.

At the German auto show, the F3 concept bike "inspired by AMG" was revealed next to its "twin" AMG supercar, similar programs were also held at their respective manufacturing facilities both in Schiranna and Affalterbach as a sign of cooperation between the two companies.

Even though the motorcycles will be sold through their 450 MV Agusta worldwide dealerships, as part of the long term strategic planning by the sales and marketing networks of both companies, MV Agusta motorcycles can be seen in various AMG showrooms across Paris, Tokyo, Stuttgart and Tapie as a symbol of their collaboration.

In India, Kinetic has already finalized MV Agusta Dealerships for top cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.


Schiranna (VA), December 16, 2015: MV Agusta continues to grow in 2015. The sales of the exclusive 3 & 4 cylinder motorcycles made in Varese have reached the yearly benchmark close to 9000 units thanks to strong European and export numbers. In Europe the largest sales increase was registered in the United Kingdom, with a strong 140% increase. Good results have been achieved in Spain with new MV sales incrementing 54% as well as an increase of 26% in Germany. Switzerland is registering an increase of 14% while domestic sales in Italy remaining substantially unaltered compared to 2014 figures (-0,1%). MV Agusta has also shown a growth trend in the Far East with new unit sales increasing 12%. The revenues have increased 30% and the contribution margin has augmented by 40% primarily attributed to the success of the premium models such as the Turismo Veloce and Dragster RR which are the best sellers following only the Brutale 800, which represents nearly 35% of total sales for the OEM of Schiranna. In the fields of marketing and sales, the partnership between MV Agusta and Mercedes – AMG, which began exactly one year ago with the Premium car manufacturer entering into MV Agusta with the acquisition of a 25% minority stake, is completing its first activities. During the past year the cooperation between the two companies has grown through various communications channels, combined Motorsports activities with the SBK ad DTM teams and at the principle auto-shows of the world in Geneva, Frankfurt and Tokyo. At the German show the F3 "Inspired by AMG", the first concept bike, was revealed next to its "twin" AMG supercar, the AMG GT S and their matching "Solar Beam" graphics. A number of events were also organized at the respective manufactures headquarters in both Schiranna and Affalterbach. The growing cooperation have also extended into their respective sales networks with the presence of MV Agusta motorcycles in various AMG Performance Centers (Stuttgart, Paris, Tokyo and Taipei), while the sales of the motorcycles will continue purely through the 450 worldwide MV Agusta dealerships. This operation of "lead branding" will continues in 2016. Sales and marketing forms the core of the long-term strategic partnership and will continue to be the base for the collaboration upon which the partnership was born. The President and CEO Giovanni Castiglioni has commented: "2015 has been a very important year for MV Agusta. With the launch of the Turismo Veloce we have created the first Touring MV Agusta, a motorcycle that differentiates itself from its competitors by introducing a whole new dimension and experience to traveling, touring that excites your emotions. This aspect is what sets MV apart from other manufactures. This model has been an important factor in sustaining the increase in sales growth, margins and revenues. I am very happy with the first year of the sales and marketing activities with our shareholding partner, Mercedes – AMG: the two brands are a pure example of passion, performance and adrenaline sharing the same true values. 2016 has begun in positive with the anticipated debut of the most important model in terms of sales volumes and image, the All-New Brutale 800. The press launch will take place in January 2016, 15 years after the original Brutale , with total sales numbering over 30,000 units. The All- New Brutale 800, is "the most beautiful Brutale, ever built." MV Agusta, one of the most premium manufacturers of superbikes in the world, is being launched in India by the Kinetic Group through its initiative "Motoroyale". Kinetic has already finalised its dealerships for top cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Banglore and the homologation process is underway. Kinetic MD, Ajinkya Firodia stated "It is the right time for launching MV Agusta in India. The Superbikes market in India has been growing steadily; and so has been MVAgusta. This momentum shall ensure a long term success for the brand in India"

Price (Ex-Delhi)
Starts Rs 15,59,000
Max Power(ps)
Max Torque(Nm)
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