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New Gear: Casio Pro Trek Smart WSD F20, Fogtech anti-fog solution, Putoline tech chain lubricant, Apollo Alpha-H1

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06 Aug 2018 15:11:33 IST

Casio Pro Trek Smart WSD F20

Designed for the outdoors enthusiast, the WSD F20 is a smartwatch with US military grade durability and host of other features. The highlights include a low-power GPS with location display on a full-colour map, built-in microphone, altimeter and barometer. The watch has a 50 metre water resistance and is available in two colour variants.

Price: Rs 30,000 - Rs 36,000

Available at: www.casioindiashop.com

Fogtech anti-fog solution

Keep your helmet visor fog-free with this solution that, once sprayed, coats the lens with a transparent layer that quickly absorbs fog. The coat lasts for five days and does not damage expensive lenses.

Price: Rs 1,500

Available at: motousher.com

Alpinestars Andes  out dry gloves

The Andes Outdry gloves promise to keep your hands dry when the skies open up. A softshell at the back of the hand offers a snug fit while the PU foam on the knuckles provides adequate safety while riding on the streets or while touring.

Price:Rs 8,999

Available at: alpinsestarsIndia.com

Putoline tech chain lubricant

Tech Chain is a ceramic wax lubricant consisting of PTFE or Polytetrafluoroethylene that also forms the basis of Teflon, one of the slipperiest materials known to man. It lasts longer than conventional lubricants and can be used on O-ring and MX chains.

Price: Rs 899

Available at: baycityspeedshop.com

Porsche Datetimer 70Y sports car

Limited to 1948 units this special time-piece commemorates the 70th anniversary of Porsche. The design elements are inspired by the first production car, the Porsche 356 while the strap is made of the same leather as the vehicle's seats. A 70 years logo and serial number make this watch a true collectable for the Porsche fan.

Price: Rs 2.35 lakh

Available at: porsche-design.com

Apollo Alpha-H1

The Alpha-H1 is designed for both road and track use and promises optimum grip. It promises 50 per cent more tread life than competing tyres whilst offering similar performance levels. For now there are two sizes 110/70 ZR17 for the front and 150/60 ZR17 for the rear.

Price: Rs 6,499 (front), Rs 8,499 (rear)

Available at: Leading tyre shops and online retail platforms

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