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OD Rewind: 10 most viewed OVERDRIVE articles from 2015

Team OD  /
30 Dec 2015 20:39:23 IST

At OVERDRIVE, we drive and ride with passion. And that shows in our stories too. And when that strike a chord with our readers, it shows in the page hits. And nothing makes us more teary-eyed than seeing the numbers soar on the analytics - except, of course, the rides we write about. Here are the stories that grabbed the maximum eyeballs in 2015.

1. Renault Kwid first drive review

Renault Kwid 12

The Renault Kwid was set to be a game changer in the entry-level hatchback segment and everyone wanted to know if it could dethrone the crowd favourite Alto 800. So naturally, when we got our hands on the Kwid, our first drive review story was buzzing with quite a bit of activity. Click here to read

2. Hyundai Creta quick drive

Hyundai Creta (6)

When word got out that Hyundai had developed an SUV to take on the Renault Duster, the entire Internet (in India at least) went abuzz with news and images of the Creta. So when we had our first go in the new car, our readers flocked in large numbers to our quick drive review to get a glimpse ofwhat Hyundai had on offer.Click here to read

3. Maruti Suzuki Baleno first drive review

Maruti Suzuki Baleno Helpdesk Dec'15

The first Baleno that entered the Indian market had a cult following of sorts, and many enthusiasts still swear by its performance. When Maruti Suzuki brought out the new Baleno, everyone wanted to know whether it lived up to the expectations set by its predecessor. Click here to read

4. Ford Figo Aspire first drive review

Ford Figo Aspire (8)

The sub-4m category is a very important segment in India, mostly because it exists only in India. Ford got creative and gave us the EcoSport, and when that worked out well for them, they went aheadandbrought inthe Figo Aspire. It was a serious threat to its competition and that got everyone's attention. Click here to read

5. Scooters coming to India in 2015

Honda Activa 125 (20)

Scooters have beenthe flavour of the month in India for the past two years. In all probability, theywill remain the flavour of the month for many years to come. So it's no surprise that our list of scooters that were expected to hit the Indian market was one of our most viewed stories this year. Click here to read

6. Honda CB Unicorn 160 review

Honda CB Unicorn 160

The Unicorn 150 was never a best seller for Honda, managing only to find a steady number of homes since its arrival. The question with the CB Unicorn 160 was whether it would turn things around for Honda. Turns out, our review was a bigger hit than the motorcycle itself. Click here to read

7. Mahindra TUV300 road test review

Mahindra TUV vs Ford Ecosport (4)

The TUV300 was an important launch for Mahindra because it was their first take at the sub-4m category, and it already had the Ford EcoSport to deal with. That's why everyone wanted to know how big a deal this compact SUV was. Click here to read

8. Bajaj Pulsar RS200 first ride review

KTM RC200 vs Yamaha R15 vs Bajaj Pulsar RS200 (3)

The RS200 was the first major update to that Pulsar line that Bajaj had made since the 200NS. Using the NS as a base, Bajaj modelled a supersport motorcycle that stirred the curiosity of our readers. Click here to read

9. Comparo: Suzuki Gixxer vs Honda CB Unicorn 160 CBS

Honda Unicorn 160 vs Suzuki Gixxer (11)

When the Suzuki Gixxer entered the 150cc segment in 2014, it was almost immediately crowned king. So when the Honda Unicorn 160 CBS made its appearance, all eyes were on our comparison to see if Honda could dent the Gixxer's crown. Click here to read

10. Top 5 cheapest motorcycle jackets in India


Buying motorcycle gear can certainly tear a large gaping hole in your wallet. So when we shortlisted the best five affordable motorcycle jackets in India, it certainly struck a chord with fellow motorcyclists. Click here to read

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