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OD Rewind:10 most memorable OVERDRIVE moments from 2015 in photographs

Team OD  /
31 Dec 2015 21:19:34 IST

There's no better way to look back at memories than through photographs. Thephotographers at OVERDRIVE make it a point to capture the magic we feel on each and everydrive and ride through their lenses. So here are our top 10 images that best describe what we do at OVERDRIVE.

1. Living Le Mans

24 Hours of OVERDRIVE with Audi A3s (7)We decided to live Le Mans at the Kari Motor Speedway, by driving 2,000km in 24 hours in two Audi A3s

2. Caffeine kicks

Cafe racerShumi, Rishaad and Alan were curious to undestand what all the hype around cafe racers was. So they took a Triumph Thruxton, a Royal Enfield Continental GT and a Hero Splendor Pro Classic on a long ride to find out

3. Scout's honour

Indian-ScoutThe Indian Scout is an iconic name in motorcycle history. We wanted to find out if the one lived up to its name. Rishaad thought it did

4. TT Twister

Audi TT 2015 (8)Rishaad started to feel a little old as he tested of the Audi TT and found out that it was more up to date with technology than he was

5. Batman. Versys. Superman

Kawasaki Versys 1000Although technology might not be Rishaad's strong suit, riding large motorcycles like the Kawasaki Versys 1000has himfeeling like every superhero there is. This picture pretty much says it all

6. Topless fun

ConvertibleJamshed, Halley and Rishaad took three modern convertibles to pay tribute to a classic 1935 MG PA Midget in Rajasthan

7. Star. Trek.

Benelli Trk AmazonasShumi took the 126PS Benelli Trek 1130 Amazonas for a long spin to see what the upcoming motorcycle was all about

8. Ice-breakers

GLA Winter driveEvery year we at OVERDRIVE like to give our readers a taste of some high octane fun. During our Winter Drive, we took them out in high-end Mercedes' to Gulmarg to get them sideways. On ice

9.Cooper feel... in an empty parking lot

Mini Cooper DAfter testing the Mini Cooper D, Alan decided to have some fun with it in a err... parking lot

10.White as snow... red as blood... black as ebony

Winter drive 2015Again during our Winter Drive, we do sometimes like to take thethree-pointed starsthrough some spooky woods at night

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