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Team OD  | Updated: May 09, 2013, 04:17 PM IST

I'm a veteran of the Delhi Auto Expo this being the fifth or sixth edition that I have attended. In between there are several other motor shows that I have also attended, both for cars and bikes. However the only reason that the Delhi Auto expo stands out is because of its versatility. There is no other motor show anywhere in the world that brings together the entire automotive sector under one roof. So we have cars, bikes, trucks, buses, ancillaries, accessories, components and even the Chinese (not the home delivery type but the car and bike rip-off type) that share space within Pragati Maidan.

Now as far as Maidans go, this one which stands close to Delhi's old Fort is a pretty humongous place. It will take any show goer, at least two whole days to explore the Auto Expo in detail. And even then you might probably miss the Chinese pavilion or the vintage and classic cars pavilion and the green pavilion. Oh, and the size also means that I have stopped wearing leather shoes for the expo, so if you see a guy in a smart suit with black sneakers on that's probably me. Come over and we can chat about how the show is now getting bigger but the stalls smaller and how the weather is colder and yet the show girls' skirts shorter!

And in between I'll tell you what to look for and what to expect from manufacturers. I'll also tell you where you can get the tastiest gol-gappas inside Pragati Maidan. Oh and this year I'm hoping Dilip Chhabria has designed an Innova with a loo inside, the ones at the Expo are only for those looking for some chemical locha.

So hope you make it there and oh, before I forget visit our stall too where a Monster is waiting to shock you!

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