Opinion: Looking high and low

Team OD  | Updated: May 09, 2013, 04:17 PM IST

I got my first taste of the Auto Expo in 2008, when I had just joined OVERDRIVE. I was more of an enthusiastic kid then, excited about getting to see the latest machines, not to mention the glam factor, the jazzy feel, the pretty girls and a lot more. It's been four years since, and as I say this, I will be attending the Auto Expo for the third time tomorrow, and the excitement has only gone up. Who will unveil which car/motorcycle? What can I look forward to riding/driving in 2012 courtesy the Expo? These are questions running through my mind, even as I try to wrap-up other work before leaving â€" just so that I can enjoy my time there. But all of this comes with the drudgery of walking several kilometres through the day, running to cover conference after conference on the press days and covering manufacturer after manufacturer through thousands of visitors on other days.

This Expo I am hoping Honda and Yamaha dish out something which will excite me, not to forget the Royal Enfield Caf Racer that we were promised two years back. Oh, and RE has also promised us their range of merchandise and accessories. Harley-Davidson I know will yet again bring a smile on our faces with their typical set-up and yet again remind us with their liveliness that motorcycling is also a celebration of life. Bajaj have been clear about focusing on their four-wheeler for the Expo, but I am hopeful of them having the KTM Duke 200 adorn their stall too, if not the new-gen Pulsar.

But the biggest draw will be Triumph â€" who will be launching no less than seven motorcycles â€" all of which have always held high aspirational value for me. Having visited the Tokyo Motor Show recently â€" which was my first international motor show, I feel proud that given the ever-expanding Indian automobile market the Auto Expo is seriously huge. But even as I say this, I am hoping the standards and overall organisation of the Auto Expo would be closer to international standards this time and make for a hassle-free, memorable experience. Wondering if I can get a Segway to save some energy for the dinners in the evening!

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