Opinion: The perfect start

Team OD  | Updated: May 09, 2013, 04:17 PM IST

The 2012 Indian Auto Expo is going to be my first motor show and I see no better way to start off. There's going to be the familiar feel of being on home turf but more importantly it's going to be really exciting since nearly every single product on display is targeted at the Indian market.

What am I excited about? Well I've been a long time fan of Mini. Their cars are iconic and buckets of fun to drive. Compact light and involving is my recipe for fun and that's been the Mini mantra for over half a century. But at the heart of it all I'm a Japanese car fan all the way. So be it Nissan's giant squishing Godzilla or the NSX from Honda or even the little Toyota Liva race car, I should have my fill of metal from the land of the rising sun.

Over to the bikes and I can't wait to hear the KTM Duke 200s pricing and see how close the Pulsar 200 is to its KTM muse. But that wait gets longer because Bajaj have decided to completely ignore two wheelers during this Expo. Then there's the Triumph stall which is quite literally going to be surrounded by a moat of drool. And finally the ever optimistic hope that at least one of the manufacturers will 'surprise' us with a tasty new launch. Perhaps another 250? Fingers crossed!

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