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Polaris India inaugurates Mumbai’s third Polaris Experience Zone

Pradeb Biswas  /
24 Jun 2016 17:36:02 IST

Polaris India has inaugurated a new Polaris Experience Zone, named Tao Experiences, at Roaring Farm in Malad, Mumbai. Spread over a five-acre area, Tao Experiences offers an off-road track on which visitors can ride multiple all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) which are sold by Polaris India.

Tao Experiences is Polaris India's third Polaris Experience Zone in Mumbai and sixth in Maharashtra. With this launch, the company now has 54 such experience centres across the country. Unlike Europe, ATVs cannot be legally used on public roads in India. So ideally a buyer needs to have a private tract of land to use the vehicle's capability. Needless to say, not everyone is so lucky.

Polaris Experience 2016 (15)

Keeping this in mind, Polaris India introduced the concept of Polaris Experience Zones where everyone can experience the thrill of riding an ATV on specially created off-road tracks. Tao Experiences has an artificial track with multiple undulations, slush pits, inclines and obstacles to create an exciting trail which will challenge the rider's skills. In the interests of safety, the facility also has trainers to help first-time ATV riders get familiar with operating the vehicle.

Polaris Experience 2016 (22)

Commenting on the inaugural of the Polaris Experience Zone, Pankaj Dubey, managing director, Polaris India Pvt. Ltd., said "The inauguration of our new PEZ, Tao Experiences, is another important milestone in our efforts to create a flourishing off-road culture in India. Polaris Experience Zones are pivotal pit stops in our journey of promoting adventure sports in the country. Polaris has lined up its heart thumping series of power sports vehicles at Tao Experiences where hard-core adventure enthusiasts can experience the thrill of off-roading."

Polaris Experience 2016 (25)

Apart from ATV rides, Tao Experiences will offer visitors the opportunity to indulge in fun activities like paintball, zorbing and wall climbing along with a few others.

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