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Preview: Lexus LX 450d

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02 Mar 2017 14:50:47 IST

The LX 450d is based on the Toyota Land Cruiser platform and it is the biggest car Lexus makes. The LX is offered with a choice of V8 petrol and diesel engines. India will most likely get the 270PS/650Nm 4.5-litre diesel first. This engine will be mated to a 6-speed automatic with power being transferred to all four wheels.

Lexus will initially bring in the diesel-powered LX450d as the 5-seaterLexus will initially bring in the diesel-powered LX 450d as the 5-seater

The LX looks far more sophisticated than the donor car as it is based on Lexus' sharp new design language. The cabin too looks far more modern with leather being used for the upholstery and generous seating for eight passengers. Like the smaller RX, the LX also gets entertainment screens behind the first as well as second row of seats. The seats in middle and last rows also fold electrically to liberate more space for the luggage. The suspension can be electronically raised too. The Lexus LX 450d will later be joined by the petrol 383PS LX 570 with an 8-speed automatic. Both trims will compete with the Range Rover and will be priced upwards of Rs 2.34 crore.

Lexus LX 450d (1)The LX 450d gets a plusher cabin than the Land Cruiser it is based on

Lexus LX 450d (2)The V8 diesel makes 272PS/650Nm

Few dealers are already accepting bookings for Rs 10 lakh with a promise of delivery within three months of launch date (March 24, 2017). You can also test drive the LX 450d by paying Rs 1 lakh as a refundable deposit.

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