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Price comparison: Maruti Suzuki Ciaz vs Maruti Suzuki S-Cross

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06 Aug 2015 12:41:18 IST

Maruti Suzuki has just announced the pricesforall variants of its new premium crossover, the S-Cross. The prices are similar to itsflagship sedan, the Ciaz, so choosing between the two will be a matter of preferences.

To begin with the base Ciaz, the 1.3 DDiS VDi sells at Rs 8.36 lakh (ex-Delhi) and comes with steel wheels and fuel-efficiency oriented, narrow tyres. It does not get airbags and ABS. The S-Cross base variant, the DDiS 200 Sigma is available at Rs 8.34 lakh (ex-Delhi). However, putting a strong message across for safety, Maruti is now offering all variants of the S-Cross with driver and passenger airbags as standard. The Ciaz VDi+ gets fog lamps and a driver side airbag , but sells at Rs 8.98 lakh (ex-Delhi).


The Ciaz ZDi is priced at Rs 9.83 lakh and comes with a host of features such as driver and passenger airbags, ABS, reverse parking sensors, alloy wheels with 185-section tyres. The ZDi+ is priced at Rs 10.46 lakh and comes with leather upholstery, a touchscreen infotainment system (similar to the one on the S-Cross), reverse camera and better looking alloy wheels with wider 195-section tyres.

The S-Cross, meanwhile, comes with three additional variants - Delta, Zeta and Alpha with the DDiS 200 trim. These are priced at Rs 9.15 lakh, 9.99 lakh and Rs 10.75 lakh respectively. The Alpha version is loaded with all the bells and whistles as seen on the ZDi+ for a mere Rs 30,000 more. For that money you get a newer car, especially, if you are not too keen on owning a proper sedan.

The S-Cross DDiS 320, however, is the pricey option starting from Rs 11.99 lakh for the Delta and going upto a whopping 13.74 lakh for the Alpha. The DDiS 320 is the 1.6-litre diesel engine that Maruti Suzuki has sourced from Fiat and is the newest engine of the lot. So what you are effectively paying the extra money for is a contemporaryengine. The engine produces 120PS (30PS more than the 1.3-litre engine in the Ciaz and the S-Cross DDiS 200)


The Ciaz is a well rounded, spacious sedan that's loaded with features. The cavernous boot adds to the practicality quotient of the car too. The S-Cross would then appeal to those who want a new car or those who are looking for the crossover styling that the S-Cross delivers on. The interiors of the S-Cross are also well finished but the black theme fails to heighten the sense of space like the beige palette of the Ciaz's interiors. Some of the switches in the S-Cross are similar to those on other Maruti Suzukis and that somehow dampens the feeling of premiumness. The S-Cross DDiS 320 though is purely for those looking for a fast car. All in all, while some of the lower variants of the S-Cross justify the sticker price they command, at the top end we aren't exactly positive about Maruti's strategy. It also puts a big question mark on just why is the Ciaz, which at one end is similarly or closely priced to the S-Cross, not a part of the Nexa experience. Wesuspect Maruti was always aware of this fact but nevertheless they had to take the plunge to build a casefor future products.

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz V/s S-Cross

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Price (ex-Delhi)
1.3 DDiS VDi 8.36 lakh
1.3 DDiS VDi+ 8.98 lakh
1.3 DDiS ZDi 9.83 lakh
1.3 DDiS Zdi+ 10.46 lakh
Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Maruti Suzuki S-Cross
1.3 DDiS VDi DDiS 200 Sigma
1.3 DDiS VDi+ DDiS 200 Delta
1.3 DDiS ZDi DDiS 200 Zeta
1.3 DDiS Zdi+ DDiS 200 Alpha
Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Price (ex-Delhi)
1.3 DDiS VDi 8.34 lakh
1.3 DDiS VDi+ 9.15 lakh
1.3 DDiS ZDi 9.99 lakh
1.3 DDiS Zdi+ 10.75 lakh
Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Maruti Suzuki S-Cross
1.3 DDiS VDi DDiS 320 Delta
1.3 DDiS VDi+ DDiS 320 Zeta
1.3 DDiS ZDi DDiS 320 Alpha
1.3 DDiS Zdi+
Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Price (ex-Delhi)
1.3 DDiS VDi 11.99 lakh
1.3 DDiS VDi+ 12.99 lakh
1.3 DDiS ZDi 13.74 lakh
1.3 DDiS Zdi+

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