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R Bharath Raj elected as president, FMSCI

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30 Dec 2014 13:26:30 IST

Office bearers for the Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India for the new term were appointed at the body's 41st annual general meeting on Monday, December 29, 2014. Karnataka Motor Sports Club chairman, R Bharath Raj was elected as president for the FMSCI through a unanimous vote. The office was previously held by J Prithviraj from Coimbatore Auto Sports Club.


KD Madan from Madras Motor Sports Club takes over as vice-president while Dr Vijay Mallya has been appointed as chairman of honour.
J Prithviraj continues his association with the FMSCI as a member of the council, along with Akbar Ebrahim from Meco Motor Sports Pvt Ltd, Chennai; J Balamurugan from Spitfire Motorsports Pvt. Ltd, Coimbatore; Ashwin Pandit from Western India Sports Association, Nashik; Jayesh Desai from Northern Motorsports, Noida and Manjeev Bhalla from Himalayan Motor Sports Association, Shimla.

KMSC's Bharath Raj elected FMSCI president

Chennai, December 29: R Bharath Raj, from Karnataka Motor Sports Club (Bengaluru), was unanimously elected as the president of the Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India during its 41st Annual General Meeting held here on Monday. He is also the chairman of the KMSC. Dr Vijay Mallya was unanimously elected as the chairman of honour, while Madras Motor Sports Club's KD Madan was unanimously elected as the vice-president of the FMSCI. The office bearers were elected for a period of two years. Office bearers: President: R Bharath Raj (KMSC). Vice-president: KD Madan (MMSC). Chairman of Honour: Dr Vijay Mallya. Council members: J Prithiviraj (Coimbatore Auto Sports Club, Coimbatore), Akbar Ebrahim (Meco Motor Sports Pvt. Ltd., Chennai), J Balamurugan (Spitfire Motorsports Pvt. Ltd., Coimbatore), Ashwin Pandit (Western India Sports Association, Nashik), Jayesh Desai (Northern Motorsports, Noida), Manjeev Bhalla (Himalayan Motor Sports Association, Shimla).

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