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Kota businessman donates his Renault Duster for collecting garbage

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17 Mar 2015 18:12:51 IST

The headline conveys the feeling that this is a very generous man who donated his vehicle for the greater cause of humanity. Alas, this isn't the case here. The said businessman was frustrated with Renault for not solving his problem with his Duster. Apparently the vehicle was plagued with electrical as well as air conditioning problems and was in the workshop for more than 200 days. The SUV was purchased in 2012 and the owner, Rajesh Pareta said that despite complaining to the company, the issues weren't rectified to his satisfaction. In order to shame the company and make public his woes, he decided to donate his nearly Rs 10 lakh SUV to Modak gram panchayat to be used as a garbage disposal pickup. For this very effect, the second row was removed to make way for more room to carry the garbage cans.

Renault Duster garbage 3_NEW

Renault introduced the Duster in India in 2012 and it even went on to win the prestigious OVERDRIVE SUV of the Year 2013. Recently the company launched the new Duster with updated interiors and improved fuel economy. Just last year, the AWD version was also launched. Renault should have addressed this issue earlier on without the customer having to resort to these measures.

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But this isn't the first such instance of owner's exasperation taking a funny turn. A couple of months back, there was as an individual in Gujarat who had parked his Chevrolet Beat right outside the showroom with some demeaning comments written on the car. Then there was a businessman who was so fed up with his new Jaguar XF that he arranged for it to be towed from his place by a pair of donkeys till the showroom.

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