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Renault inaugurates new IPC warehouse in Pune

Team OD  | Updated: May 09, 2013, 04:13 PM IST

Renault India has inaugurated a new International Parts Centre (IPC) in Talegaon, Pune. The 50,000 sq.feet warehouse will serve Renault in consolidating and sourcing volume vehicle parts from local suppliers. These parts will then be used for the Renault-Nissan's global alliance vehicles..

"The IPC in Pune is an integral part of Renault India's efforts towards providing customers across the globe with competitive parts, said Marc Nassif, managing director, Renault India Pvt. Ltd. "With the IPC, we can leverage not just the presence of competitive suppliers in India, but also benefit from savings through volume consolidation â€" a strategy that enables localization and affordability, while also leveraging the high standards of quality offered by our supply partners in the country."

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