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Bookings for Ronax's 160PS two-stroke motorcycle are on

Team OD  | Updated: July 26, 2014, 07:03 PM IST


It does look like Rossi's NSR and that 46 on the tailpiece (total production run) does look extremely familiar but no relation, honest. Ronax is building this 499cc 80-degree two-stroke V4 that is claimed to make 160PS at 11,500rpm. It has two engine maps and a six-speed 'box in a CNC-ed aluminium frame and Ohlins' and Brembo's best.

Weighing just 145kg, this should be a cracking track bike though it is road legal in a few places. It is unobtanium because it comes at €100,000 (around Rs 81 lakh) plus shipping, taxes and duties and you'll also have to pay 30 per cent up front before manufacturing can begin. If this doesn't phase you, you'll be very happy in six month's time.

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