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Skoda's 7-seater SUV to be called Kodiaq

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06 May 2016 20:18:16 IST

Many of you already know that Skoda exhibited their Vision S concept SUV at the Geneva Motor Show in March. The SUV will officially be called Kodiak. Skoda says that the name is derived from the elusive bear that lives on Alaska's south coast.As a concept,the Skoda Kodiaq isreally nice looking with the thin headlights and aggressive grille being quite eye-catching. Skoda says, The headlights as well as the brand logo and the vertical struts in the grille are characterised by crystalline design features - also a Skoda design tribute to the famed Czech glassmakers." The concept also has lights between the slats of the grille that look quite nice, but wedoubt if this will make it to the production model.

Skoda Vision S Geneva 2016 Front-View

The Vision S aka Kodiaq showcases Skoda's future design philosophy too, which is sleek and smart. Skoda says the design is a balance of rationality and aesthetics", and the Vision S is actually a nice looking machine when viewed from the front, side or rear. The huge wheels are said to be inspired by aerodynamics and small styling elements like the powerful diffuser inset, which surrounds the large, elliptical exhaust pipes and gives this SUV strong road presence.

SKODA VisionS - SUV Design Study Celebrates Premiere in Geneva

The Skoda Kodiaqis 4.7-metre long. It's fairly big and longer than SUVs like the Volkswagen Tiguan (4,486mm), Honda CR-V (4,545mm), Hyundai Santa Fe (4,690mm), Audi Q5(4,629mm) and BMW X3 (4,657mm). The Kodiaqis just about as long as a Range Rover Discovery Sport (4,599mm). The Skoda Kodiaq SUV hasthree rows of seats and will seat seven, according to the official release.

Skoda Vision S Geneva 2016 Rear-View

Interestingly, Skoda says, The Vision S concept car's interior has a democratic character with equal priority given to all occupants. The space is divided symmetrically. All occupants have their own display, each of which can be operated in the simplest of manners. Information is purposefully processed for driver and passengers, and access to the infotainment is optimised for each participant."

The Skoda Kodiaqshould be out in Europe later this year, and we think that the car with a 'democratic character' will come to the world's largest democracy sometime next year. As the Skoda Kodiaqis similar in size to the Range Rover Discovery Sport, and if we follow the logic that size will determine price, the SUVshould cost around Rs 40 to 50 lakhs. Will the Indian customers pay this amount for a Skoda product? Skoda must definitelybe considering this.

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