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Smartphone-based motorcycle navigation application Recky launched by CS Santosh

Team OD  | Updated: August 23, 2019, 11:21 AM IST

Smartphone-based application intended towards enhancing motorcycling experience aided by technology was launched by CS Santosh. Recky application records the user's ride and also displays topography and satellite-map views. The application also lets the user click pictures and automatically drops the location marker (geo-tags).

Map view in the application

The pictures can be accessed once the ride is completed. The ride data can be kept private by the user or displayed to his/her followers or public. Other users can replay the ride and gain access to directions, pictures and other stats.

To search for other rider 's profile

The Recky application was ideated and tested by CS Santosh. "The whole idea was to provide the fast-growing biker community a platform to connect and explore various adventure biking routes in the world," he said.

"Our Ride Explorer, displays all public rides and rides from your followers in one map-view, at all times. No need to click and find or search, it's all map-based zooming and panning. Pan across to any country and find rides there instantly as riders populate them," explained CS Santosh.

While the directions to a ride are currently a list, it will soon be turn-by-turn navigation. "We'll soon provide the users the option to create a ride-summary like no other in the world - this will be the most entertaining element for the user and for the user's social media followers," he added.

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