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Spec comparison: 2017 BMW 5 Series vs 2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

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30 Jun 2017 20:43:32 IST

BMW India has brought in the all-new 5 Series at Rs 49.90 lakh, ex-showroom pan India. The German car manufacturer states that the 5 Series is one of the most important sedans for the company as it has always contributed to the positive growth of the company. The BMW 5 Series does lock horns with many in the segment, but the main rival is the new-gen Mercedes Benz E-Class. The Stuttgart-based car manufacturer took the game to another level by bringing the India-spec E-Class LWB at Rs 56.15 lakh. While the 5 Series is aimed at those who prefer to be on the wheel, the E is believed to be for the ones who want to be chauffeured around. But which of the two should make it to your parking? Here is our spec comparison report.

2017 BMW 5 Series (3)

At 5,063mm, Mercedes Benz E-Class is the longest sedan in the segment, whereas the 5 Series measures 4.935mm. The E also scores more in headroom as it is taller than the 5 Series by 28mm. The only bit where the 5 Series is a wee bit better is in width, wherein the sedan measures 1,868mm compared to the 1,860mm of the E.

The feature list of the 2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class includes a large panoramic sunroof, 13-speaker Burmester sound system and 37 degrees of adjustable seat recline. In comparison, the 5 Series comes with 7 Series-like gesture control, wireless charging, digital display key with park assist and auto opening of the boot lid, Harman Kardon surround sound system, front headrest-mounted entertainment package for the rear occupants, cornering brake control and a run-flat indicator for the tyres.


The 2017 BMW 530d comes with a 6-cylinder 2,993cc diesel unit that produces a peak output of 265PS and 620Nm. Additionally, there is the 4-cylinder 520d diesel model. This one makes a peak power output of 190PS and generates 400Nm between 1,750-2,500rpm. BMW claims that the top speed is limited to 250kmph while 0 to 100kmph can be done in 7.7s. Then there is the 530i, a successor of the 528i, which makes 252PS and 350Nm. The 530i is limited to 250kmph and will take 6.2s to hit 100kmph, says BMW. In comparison, the 3.0-litre diesel makes less power at 258PS, but the torque output is identical at 620Nm. The smaller 1,950cc diesel makes 194PS and 400Nm. The 2.0-litre petrol model produces 184PS/300Nm.

E-Class vs 5 Series Price Comparo low res New

And now to the final aspect of the comparison, the 2017 BMW 530i is priced at Rs 49.90 lakh, the 520d at Rs 53.60 lakh and the most premium trim, the 530d, is available at Rs 61.30 lakh. Mercedes-Benz India recently announced a drop in prices for the E-Class sedan, as a result of the recently proposed GST structure. The new prices for the E-Class are Rs 53.8 lakh for the E 200, Rs 55.7 lakh for the E 200d and Rs 67 lakh for the E 350. The minimum price difference between these sedans is Rs 2.1 lakh, whereas the maximum difference goes up to Rs 5.7 lakh. The E is more expensive but in return you get a more spacious cabin with oodles of legroom. The 5, as BMW claims, is sheerly about driving pleasure. A real-world comparison can help settle the dust on which one should make it to your parking.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class 2017

Price (Delhi)
  • Rs. 57.47 Lakhs Ex-Showroom
  • Rs. 67.26 Lakhs On Road
  • CDI Model
  • 1950cc Displacement
  • -NA-
  • Automatic

BMW 5 Series 2017

Price (Delhi)
  • Rs. 63.8 Lakhs Ex-Showroom
  • Rs. 76.56 Lakhs On Road
  • Model
  • 2993cc Displacement
  • 14.6Kmpl Overall
  • Automatic

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