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Spied: Porsche baby Panamera 'Pajun'

Team OD  /
03 Jun 2016 15:08:25 IST

Porsche is rumoured to be working on its scaled down-version of Panamera, Pajun (shorthand for Panamera junior just like the Macan was code-named the Cajun, Cayenne junior). This latest offering has been under the works for almost four years and mayn't hit the showrooms before 2019.


The Pajun looks similar to the Panamera in terms of styling and sits on a smaller platform. It will have a shorter wheelbase, tighter overhangs and possibly a smaller boot. The front end derives most of its inspiration from the Panamera, though the headlamps look similar to the ones on the new 718 Boxster. On the sides, it has the same saga with smaller doors and a shortened wheelbase. It's the rear which is hard to comment on because this test mule features extensive camouflage. We can only guess that it has a bigger boot lid along with a spoiler and quad exhausts.


The Pajun is supposed to go up against the BMW 5 Series, Mercedes-Benz E-Class and Audi A6, but there were rumours that the Pajun would go all electric to compete against Tesla's Model 3. Again nothing can be confirmed until the actual release or a confirmation by the Porsche itself.

If the Macan is set as a reference then whatever avatar the Pajun comes in, we'll be more than happy to wait for the tentative three years.

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