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Steelbird India launches SB1 Free Live AIR helmets

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15 Jun 2016 16:01:16 IST

Steelbird India, one of the largest helmet manufacturers in India, recently launched the new SB1 Free Live helmet under its AIR series. Priced at Rs 1,799, the Steelbird SB1 Free Live full-face helmet is being sold through its portal and retail channels across India.

Steelbird SBA 1 (4)

The helmet was designed in Steelbird's R&D centre in Italy, especially for Indian climate conditions. According to the manufacturer's lab test reports, the temperature inside the helmet was 4-5C cooler than the outside temperature while riding a two-wheeler. The new helmet features three air ventilations for air inflow and one exhaust vent for hot air to flow out.

Steelbird SBA 1 (3)

The helmet's exterior design features 'Free Live' text on either sides, surrounded by designer graphics all over the helmet. The new offering also comes with a polycarbonate visor, which is harder to scratch and optically better in terms of distortion than low-end acrylic visors. It is available in two sizes (580mm and 600mm) and 10 different colour schemes, but all in matt finish.

Steelbird SBA 1 (1)

Steelbird's AIR series now comes with eight different models of helmets, including the Free Live. The AIR range starts from Rs 1,249 for the Classic model, going all the way up to Rs 1,799 for other variants.

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