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Tata Nano diesel caught testing in India

Team OD  | Updated: March 03, 2014, 04:35 PM IST

A few weeks back we broke the story that the Tata Twist Active Concept that was shown at the 2014 Auto Expo was in fact a preview of the styling that the upcoming Tata Nano diesel will wear. Now we have more dough on the subject by way of the scoop video posted below.

The test mule seen here has the new bumpers that we saw on the Tata Nano Twist Active concept from the Auto Expo. The large air dams with the honeycomb type mesh are clearly visible despite the cladding. The larger air dams are also a mechanical requirement to provide better cooling for the intercooler.

Tata-Nano-dieselThe larger air dams are also a mechanical requirement to provide better cooling for the intercooler

The Tata Nano diesel test mule seen here was caught testing in Pune some time back. The vehicle runs the much talked about 800cc diesel motor which is expected to be the most fuel efficient oiler in India when the Nano diesel goes on sale later this year or by early 2015.  Tata already uses this engine in the Ace sans a turbocharer. The turbocharger unit for the Tata Nano diesel is from Garrett and enables the engine to make 40PS and 90Nm of torque.  We expect the fuel economy claims to be in the range of 35-40 kmpl. The Nano diesel is expected to be priced around Rs 50,000-70,000 more than the equivalent petrol variant. Expect a launch later this year or early next year.

Price (Ex-Delhi)
Starts Rs 2.36 Lakhs
Max Power(ps)
Max Torque(Nm)
25.35 Kmpl

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