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The Buff Shop offers unique four- and two-wheeler cleaning, coating and body wrap options

Aditya Chatterjee  | Updated: July 16, 2020, 08:56 AM IST

We are sure all of you remember the first day when you rode or drove your two-wheeler or four-wheeler out of the showroom. It was clean, brand spanking new and had a shine, much to your happiness and satisfaction. Now compare that to the present day scenario where your vehicle has gone through the test of time, with dirt, grime, harsh sunlight, extreme temperatures, food particles on the seat and what not. A depressing contrast compared to the first day which you have to live with all through the vehicle's life, right? A Mumbai-based company called The Buff Shop does not agree to that. Instead, they claim their vehicle detailing service can help you regain its lost shine.

But who is The Buff Shop? And how is it different compared to your regular car/bike wash guy? For starters, they have been in the industry since 2002 and have worked with brands like Honda, Toyota, Ferrari, BMW, Maruti and others. The brand promises to be a one-stop solution for everything related to cleaning and detailing of your vehicle, which is done using premium car care products. The company has a pick and drop service, for which an appointment needs to be booked. Along with that there is a dedicated supervisor with whom you can discuss all your requirements related to the exterior and interior car cleaning. Once the car is picked from your choice of location, you are given regular updates on the different processes that are being carried on it, to ensure maximum transparency of process.

The company offers interior cleaning and exterior polishing that claims to restore and also enhance the paint life by getting rid of swirl marks and minor scratches, while also thoroughly cleaning all exterior and interior elements such the rims, windows, tyres, upholstery, dashboard, mirrors, windows etc. with proper industrial grade products that any regular car wash service does not provide. Then there is the Anti-bacterial cleanse that takes care of the bacterial formation on the upholstery, carpets, small spaces within the seats that gather the granular particles from food, drinks, pets and more, all of which act as a breeding ground for bacteria.

One of the important services by The Buff Shop is the Rodent Repellant considering that rodents like rats are a major concern for car components which can be expensive and cumbersome to repair or replace. These rodents are responsible for damaging cables, electricals and engine components. TBS' Rodent Repellant promises to be superior to any cakes, nets and chemical sprays which are ineffective and unhygienic. Instead, they use a high-performing coat that ensures that rats stay away from the cars. Additionally, TBS also does windshield visibility enhancement, headlight visibility enhancement, cabin deodorisation, anti-rust coating, door panel protection, silencer protection, steam wash and a 25-minute express wash.

And not just that, TBS also offers ceramic coating with weather resistance and stain-repellent properties, also maximising your paint life along with super ceramic coating that, in addition to exterior coat, also takes care of the interior of the car, including the carpets, leather seats, plastics to the basic fabric. Further, there are body wraps with more than 200 customisable colours and finishes. They are easily removable and leave absolutely no stain or adhesive marks on your original paint, making it extremely easy to apply, remove or change. You can reach out to the guys at The Buff Shop by clicking this link.


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