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The next-gen Mercedes-AMG C 63 may not be a V8

Team OD  | Updated: April 30, 2019, 08:22 PM IST

Mercedes-AMG top boss Tobias Moers has created quite a few headlines lately - one of which confirms that all AMG models that will launch after 2021 will have a certain degree of electrification. The move is clearly to achieve cleaner emissions without a loss in outright performance - but the electric assistance and the quest for lower emissions will also take a toll on the engine sizes.

The V12 for one is on its way out of the AMG range, with the last ranger being the 630PS 6.0l V12 bi-turbo engine, which will sing its swan song in the Mercedes-AMG S65 Final Edition. But lower down the order, the V8s are also under the scanner. Going forward, the V8 bi-turbo could remain exclusive to AMG's flagship GT line-up and the larger models of its passenger car and SUV range. Smaller models, namely the C63, may give up the V8 for a more powerful V6 with electric assistance.

The C63 is a favourite at team OD and one of the key factors that have made us fanboys of this car is the V8 engine and its mischievous character. Will a V6 safeguard that? We doubt it, but let us cross the bridge when we get there.

Price (Ex-Delhi)
Max Power(ps)
Max Torque(Nm)
12.82 Kmpl

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