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TomTom High-Speed Dual-Charger launched in India at Rs 1,490

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09 Dec 2014 14:47:41 IST

TomTom, the Dutch navigation system makers made their official debut in India in 2011, with the Via and Start series of portable navigation devices. To step up their product range in the country, they're now introducing an in-car charger they call the High-Speed Dual-Charger, priced at Rs 1,490.


The Dual-Charger gets its name from the two dedicated USB ports which allow you to charge two gadgets simultaneously, while you're on the move. These gadgets can be your smartphone, a navigation device, an Mp3 player or a tablet (Yes, it's compatible with Apple products as well). While portable charging is not exactly a novel concept, its makers claim that the USP of the device lies in the speed with which it charges - meaning the device is capable of charging faster and in a way suited to the gadget it's connected to.
TomTom now also offer a USB car charger at Rs 590 as a cheaper alternative.


Rs 1,490 sounds like a reasonable sum to spend when it comes to making your many, many GBs of music last all along your next road trip. We'll let you know if it's worth your while when we get our hands on this one.

TomTom introduces High-Speed Dual-Charger

To add to its existing portfolio of in-car charger series in India, TomTom has recently launched its High-Speed Dual-Charger the charging solution for up to two devices in the car at once which is up to four times faster than normal chargers. It is a compact, easy-to-use and portable in-car charger with two dedicated USB ports providing full power at all times. The charger automatically detects how to charge the connected device as fast as possible. The High-Speed Dual-Charger with two USB charging ports are suited for fast charging of devices such as smartphones, iPhones, navigation devices, iPads, MP3 players and tablets. This means that drivers who are always on the road can charge and use their electronic devices during the trip. The high quality TomTom chargers are available online and at all car accessories stores across India. The TomTom High-Speed Dual-Charger is available at 1490 INR. The other charging solutions as part of this launch include TomTom USB Car Charger priced at 590 INR.

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