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Toyota tops global car sales as Volkswagen drops to second

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27 Oct 2015 15:36:46 IST

Toyotahas reclaimed its top spot in global sales after three continuous months of outselling Volkswagen, which has slipped down the sales charts due to the recent diesel emissions scandal.

Toyota has been reported to have sold 7.49 million cars, overshooting Volkswagen's 7.43 million from the beginning of this year till September 2015. AfterVolkswagen's dieselgate recall, General Motorstoo is catching up with theGerman giant and may soon become the second largest selleracrossthe globe. This is in spite ofGM's sales figures sliding down by 1.5 per cent, compared to last year. This decrease is attributed to the growing foothold of Chinese cars in the global markets. With the Chinese Government reducing taxes from 10 per cent to 5 per cent on vehicles with an engine capacity of 1.6-litre or less, these cars constitute 60 per cent of the overall sales in China alone.

2016 Toyota Prius (4)

Recently, Volkswagen recalled 8.5 million cars equipped with the2-litre TDI EA189 diesel engine. These vehicles had been fitted withdefeat devices" to make them comply with the strict emission norms for the duration of the emissions tests. But on the roads, they produced40 times the permitted level of nitrogen oxide (NOx),violating laws like the US Clear Air Act and more. Over 11 million cars have been affected by this scandal and Volkswagen has faced several lawsuits.

Read more on the Volkwagen emissions scandal here.

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