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Toyota trademarks 'Supra' moniker in Europe

Team OD  | Updated: June 07, 2016, 12:41 PM IST

Nearly two years after showcasing a potential successor and trademarking the name in the US Patent and Trademark Office, Toyota has now trademarked the "Supra" name in the European Union Intellectual Property Office. This is perhaps a sign that Toyota might revive the legendary moniker in the form of the sports car being co-developed with BMW.


There are chances that this new sports car will take design cues from the Toyota FT-1 Concept, which is very welcome. The Formula One style nose, double bubble roof, flared fenders and wraparound windshield are some of the cues we hope to see passed on to the production version. We expect the Toyota-BMW sports car to be unveiled sometime in 2017.


The fourth-gen Toyota Supra attained a cult status (thanks to the Fast and the Furious) at an untimely point - right when its production was at an end. While suffering low sales throughout its production cycle, demand for the Supra skyrocketed right when there wasn't any left to be sold.

The fourth-gen (or MKIV as it's colloquially known) Supra is famous for its tuning capabilities. The bulletproof 2JZ-GTE engine is capable of churning out horsepower levels only seen on hypercars, while the 6-speed Getrag transmission can handle all this uprated power without breaking a sweat. All of this while maintaining stock internals, mind you.



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