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Two-wheeler sales in India for November 2015

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02 Dec 2015 17:42:30 IST

It's been a relatively quiet Diwali month for most two-wheeler manufacturers. That's the not-so-good news. On the flip side, everyone has grown and that's a good thing. Here's a quick overview of what's happened on the two-wheeler sales front in November 2015

Bajaj Auto

The Bajaj Auto Limited looked better in November with motorcycle sales up three per cent while Bajaj also exported the first 65 units of its Qute this month. That said, commercial vehicles fell by 18 per cent. Exports were also down 17 per cent year on year. From April to November, the launch of the new AS and RS ranges of the Pulsar plus the smaller 100cc bikes seem to have slowed Bajaj's motorcycle sales erosion and the overall decline is now just one per cent.

Bajaj are now working towards a new brand that will take up station next to the Discover in the commuter class-the bike should see light of day soon. Bajaj have so far refused to discuss their displacement which suggests Bajaj might, once again, be aiming to straddle classes with their traditionally strong performance-price proposition. The CS400, which the company showed at the 2014 Auto Expo, is likely to see a launch between March and June 2016, our estimate.

Bajaj Pulsar AS150Bajaj Pulsar AS150

Mahindra Two Wheelers

In one of the shortest press releases ever (thank you), Mahindra Two Wheelers said simply that it sold 1,027 units in exports and 18,061 units in India in November 2015. That is roughly 500 units less in exports but 5,000 units more in the domestic market over November 2014. Mahindra has recently released the Mojo which is now rumoured to be selling with a one month waiting period. Mahindra Two Wheelers is working now on the ABS model of the Mojo due in about six-seven months and itsnext platform, most likely a 125cc commuter motorcycle.

Mahinjdra MojoMahinjdra Mojo

Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield continued to post its stupendous growth figures selling 40,312 units in November 2015, a growth of 48 per cent over November 2014. That brings RE to a stunning 51 per cent higher sales in the year-till-date statistic. Exports also grew 33 per cent but that's 457 units versus 344 units last year - negligible in the overall picture. In other developments, RE just finished the 2015 edition of its annual festival, Ridermania. It also announced plans to enter the Thai market. Royal Enfield is known to be working on its first all-new platform in years, the Himalayan which is likely to debut sometime next year.

Royal Enfield Continental GT - width=Royal Enfield Continental GT


TVS Motor Company sold 2,25,401 units (2,17,706 two-wheelers) during November 2015, versus 2,20,046 units (2,10,979 two-wheelers) in November last year, growing under threeper cent. TVS says the heavy rains over the recent past has cost them in sales to the tune of 15,000 units. The company also exported 33,621 units, about 6,400 units less than in the same period last year. The sales leaders were the scooters, no surprise, posting a 22 per cent growth from 62,223 (November 2014) to 76,043 units (November 2015).

TVS JupiterTVS Jupiter

Hero MotoCorp

Hero sold 5,50,713 two-wheelers during November 2015, marking a 11 per cent increased over the 5,47,413 units it sold last year during the same period. Hero credits tremendous demand for both of its new scooters, the Maestro Edge and the Duet as well as 'robust sales' of the new Spender Pro, Passion Pro and Glamour motorcycles.

Hero Maestro more images (12)Hero Maestro Edge

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