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Unrest in Maruti’s Manesar plant again

Halley Prabhakar  | Updated: May 09, 2013, 04:15 PM IST

After some three labour unrests last year and loss of millions of rupees in the way of lost production, Maruti's Manesar plant once again is in the centre of a management-workers clash. Only this time, not only has production been stopped but one person reportedly has died in the skirmish. As many as 85 people were injured in the scuffle and a police case has also been registered against erring workers for damage to property and attempt to murder.

The trouble is said to have started when a supervisor allegedly had an altercation with a worker and passed some casteist remarks. The worker is said to have slapped the supervisor, after which the former was suspended by a management decision. The other workers who wanted their colleague reinstated, protested by storming into the conference room where the management was having a meeting and started a physical fight. A section of the workers also set the factory's assembly line and control room on fire leading to closure of the plant.

While it is still not clear if the production closure at Manesar will continue over the weekend or not, the Gurgaon plant is functioning normally. Due to this strike, shares of Maruti Suzuki India tumbled more than eight per cent on Thursday morning trade.

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