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Unveiled: Triumph Bonneville Bobber

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21 Oct 2016 19:32:43 IST

Remember the teaser that Triumph has sent out a while back of the Bonneville Bobber? That motorcycle has now been unveiled. And it looks positively tasty! The Bobber is built around the same engine as the T120 but the engine now sits in an all new frame and rear swingarm. Only, you won't notice that the swingarm is actually a swingarm unless you look closely. The frame is all new and so is the suspension. This means the geometry has been changed to suit the bike's character and so have the damping settings.

triumph-bonneville-bobber (2)

The design of the motorcycle makes the rear end look like a hard tail in true bobber fashion. The "swing-cage", as Triumph calls it, has a single shock hidden away under the seat just behind the side-boxes. The Bobber also gets the classic cantilever seat and slash cut exhausts.

triumph-bonneville-bobber (5)

triumph-bonneville-bobber (4)

There are no details about the output from the engine, but expect it to be slightly retuned to deliver more low-end torque. Since it is based on the same 1200cc engine as the T120, it goes without saying that the ride-by-wire, traction control and riding modes will make it to the Bobber as well.

triumph-bonneville-bobber (3)

triumph-bonneville-bobber (6)

Triumph will offer a list of over 150 accessories to go with the Bobber which includes a wild looking set of ape-hangers. But the real question is whether the motorcycle will come to India. We think it won't. The Bobber is a model that makes sense for markets like the US where the culture is primarily prevalent. The Indian motorcycling scene hasn't yet matured for a motorcycle like the Bobber and when you add to that the fact that it will be more expensive that the T120, the move looks unlikely.

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