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Updated 2016 KTM Dukes and RCs on sale in India now

Rishaad Mody  /
10 Feb 2016 16:44:05 IST

We've known they were coming for a while now but the 2016 KTM Dukes and RCs are now officially on sale.

The big change is that all four bikes, the 200 Duke, 390 Duke, RC 200 and the RC 390 will no longer have a switch on the right side of the handlebar to turn off the headlamps. Unlike other reports you may have read, this is not an 'auto-headlamp' system that suggests that the lights turn on and off automatically. Instead, like with larger motorcycles available internationally, the headlamp will permanently remain on as a safety feature. Leaving your headlamp or parking lamp on is a simple but effective way to increase safety as it helps other road users spot you quicker. It's something every one of us at OVERDRIVE does when riding.KTM is the first company to offer this feature on a locally manufactured motorcycle.

Small mods combine to turn the 390 Duke into a sharper tool

The second big addition is that the RC 390 finally gets the slipper clutch that debuted on the KTM 390 Duke last year. The slipper clutch equipped bikes have a much lighter clutch lever which makes it easier to modulate in heavy traffic. Another effect is a big reduction in the 373.2cc engine's strong engine braking effect when you roll off the gas. It's something that takes getting used to if you are fond of the way the regular clutch equipped 390 sheds speed when you close the gas. The 2016 KTM RC 390 doesn't get the international model's new ride-by wire and aluminium exhaust that were devised to meet the stringent Euro IV norms as the current bike meets our emission standards. Sadly, the new Brembo brakes don't make it to India either, probably as a cost saving measure.

There are also a couple of small changes to the internals on the 200s. These will make no difference to the feel and power of the machine but have helped streamline the manufacturing and service process. The 200 engines will now share the same oil seal on the output shaft as the 390 engines. As a result, the output sprocket collar now has a slightly different design. The new oil seal and sprocket are interchangeable as a set.

KTM has launched all four motorcycles at the same price as before. The latest prices from the South Mumbai KTM dealership are listed below. The on-road prices include KTM's 24x7 road side assist program ( Orange Assist - Rs 815) and an Acrylic Paint Sealant treatment (Rs 1,299 on the Dukes and Rs 1,830 on the RCs respectively)

KTM 200 Duke
Rs 1.46 lakh ex-showroom
Rs 1.64 lakh on-road

KTM RC 200
Rs 1.72 lakh ex-showroom
Rs 1.93 lakh on-road

KTM 390 Duke
Rs 2.00 lakh ex-showroom
Rs 2.23 lakh on-road

KTM RC 390
Rs 2.18 lakh ex-showroom
Rs 2.44 lakh on-road

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