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US transportation safety agency investigates Tesla crash

Team OD  /
28 Mar 2018 13:18:05 IST

In a new development in the Tesla Model X crash from Friday, the United States' road safety agency, The National Transportation Safety Board, has decided to begin its own investigations into this event. The incident took place on Highway 101 in Silicon Valley, California when the electric SUV crashed into a divider being repaired at the time. The driver was killed after the Tesla flipped and then caught fire after being hit by two other cars. Local investigators have already been investigating the causes behind this incident but are still trying to figure out if the car had the autopilot system engaged. Tesla says that this route is regularly frequented by Tesla drivers and there haven't been any incidents like this before here.

The Tesla Model X is the lastest semi-autonomous car to have been involved in a fatal accident

This investigation comes at a time when the public authorities' confidence in new-age autonomously driven cars is at its lowest. This incident and the earlier death of a pedestrian by an Uber self-driven prototype Volvo XC90 show that authorities are still trying to figure out how to regulate fully or semi-autonomous vehicles, while car-makers and tech companies continue to try to make these systems foolproof.

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