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Video worth watching: Big adventure on mini bikes

Team OD  | Updated: September 15, 2017, 08:48 PM IST

Mini bikes, adventure, full-sized adults - these words generally do not coincide in the same breath unless you are trying to define a 'things gone wrong' situation . However, these two blokes in our video worth watching decide to embark on an overlanding trip on two mini bikes powered by 6PS engines. And the result is epic fun! To boot, these mini motorcycles have no suspension to speak of and are ridden through rocky trails on which most full-scale adventure motorcycles might break a sweat.

The desert hills and rocky terrain along the mountain streams of northwest Arizona in the USA are put through their paces by a seasoned motorcyclist and his friend who is not convinced about the fun factor of motorcycles. The following video is just what the doctor ordered and shows that weekend fun is not decided by the size of the pocket or the rocket, but just the intent of an adventure. While the ride is just over 32km in all, the fun that duo have is sure to get you out of your weekend daze and off to you next trail ride!
Here you go:

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