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Video worth watching: BMW M4 CS doing an insane drift

Team OD  | Published: March 10, 2018, 12:30 PM IST

Every automobile enthusiast out there will agree that they have a secret wish to drive on the famous  Nurburgring circuit. What makes it one of the most important tracks out there is the fact that it has over 73 treacherous turns and 12.9 miles of steep gradients. We really hope that all of you who have such wish to make it on this track someday. But until then,  here is what a BMW M4 CS can do on this famous circuit. While we can tell you more about the circuit and the famous cars that have set records, we choose not to do so. Instead, crank up the volume of your speakers, get yourself glued to the screen and enjoy the next 2:42seconds of an awesome video. You're welcome.


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