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Video Worth Watching: Fastest Formula 1 pit stop

Team OD  /
24 Jun 2016 16:34:47 IST

It seems Williams has unlocked a lethal combination of technique and strategy to get the fastest pit stops in the current Formula 1 season. They have dominated the current season with the fastest pit stops in all the races. And now they have knocked the competition out of the park with a 1.92s pit stop at the European Grand for Massa equalling Red Bull's 2013 United States Grand Prix record of 1.923s (current pit stop timings are only logged officially to the nearest hundredth of a second).

Williams' progress in pit stops have been such that at the start of the season the drivers initially had slow getaways as they could not believe that the stops had completed so quickly. Bottas said, "The first time I got that quick a pit stop it surprised me. The green light came on and I thought it was a mistake or something! But then you get used to it. You get prepared quicker for the green light, and it's fine." So enjoy the hardwork the team has put into to achieve this feat in the video.

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