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Video worth watching: Glorious hand-assembled miniature W32 engine

Team OD  | Published: May 14, 2016, 08:30 AM IST

Engines have a way with a petrolhead's heart. They are able to spike adrenaline levels and evoke indescribable emotions. José Manuel Hermo Barreiro, who calls himself Patelo, uses this passion to create miniature fully functional engines. Patelo, a retired naval engineer, creates mechanical marvels. They are so intricate and precise that they almost seem magical. He has created a fair number of functional engines, ranging from inlines to radials. His most famous creation is an almost palm-sized V12 engine (because V12!). This time, Patelo has taken things one step further (a massive one at that) by designing and assembling a fully functional W32 engine!

As seen in the video, the engine is virtually vibration free, allowing coins to be balanced on it while it's running. Such is the level of precision. When one sees the number of parts, screws and effort that went into making this wonder of an engine, you cannot help but see the love the man has for his creations. To be precise, 850 parts and 632 screws were used in the engine, all taking 2,520 hours of work to bring to completion. As if the feat wasn't jaw-dropping enough, Patelo designed and manufactured each part without any computer aid.


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