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Video worth watching: Horsepower vs dog power

Abhishek Samuel  /
04 Sep 2017 12:58:07 IST

Exploration of the frozen parts of the planet has been going on for more than a century, but vehicles capable of reaching these far-off locations have only recently been developed limited. The low-traction, near-freezing temperatures have so far been better suited for dog sleds. Hence to prove the worthiness of its new Land Rover Discovery Sport, British SUV maker Land Rover pitted the car against a champion mid-distance dog sled team from Finland.

To complete this challenge, Land Rover also built a 1km snow track in the Vesileppis Tunnel, Finland which simulates the cold environment, surface, and conditions found at the poles of the earth. The company then raced the Land Rover Discovery Sport against a dog sled ridden by Finnish Champion Laura Kaariaine for a one-lap race at the track located 35 metresunderground.

Watch the video below to see who wins:

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