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Video worth watching: How to ride a WR450F by Adam Reimann

Team OD  /
29 Apr 2016 16:45:48 IST

We're big fans of Adam Reimann and his videos. And if you've been missing the guy and his dirt bike antics, here's a new video just for you. Shot at the launch of the Yamaha WR450F, the video shows Reimann and his friends putting the new motorcycle through its paces. Jungle trails, fallen logs, creeks and meadows - nothing is spared. You can see the motorcycles being ridden to their absolute limit. Just another one of those videos that make you want to drop everything else and go ride. Of course, the fact that one of the bikes is swathed in Yamaha's 60th anniversary yellow is an added bonus. Why don't you go watch the video and find out for yourself what we're talking about while we go and find a patch of dirt to play around in.

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