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Video worth watching: Kevin Eriksson's stunning overtake at the German RX

Team OD  | Updated: October 22, 2016, 08:36 PM IST

Put a bunch of extremely skilled drivers in cars that get from 0-100kmph in less than 2 seconds on a closed circuit of tarmac and dirt, and you get one of the most exciting motorsport events in the calendar – the World Rallycross Championship. And that's where today's video worth watching comes from. At 40 seconds, it is quite short but worthy of the title anyway!

In the final race of the 2016 German RX, Kevin Eriksson, in his red and white Ford Fiesta, pulled one of the most jaw-dropping moves that got all of us at OVERDRIVE watching it on loop. As soon as the lights turned green, Eriksson was pushed to the back of the pack. However, as he entered the first corner, a hairpin right, he went around the outside and pulled one of the most spectacular four-wheel drive slides we've ever seen. His drift, which almost looked like a spin, sent him right to the front of the pack. He even went on to win the race. It would have been quite disappointing if he didn't win after pulling a move like that though.

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