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Video worth watching: Lamborghini V12 engine in a motorcycle

Team OD  /
14 Jan 2015 21:28:55 IST

Yes, you read that right.  Power to weight ratio takes a whole new meaning with this crazy monster of  a motorcycle. Not one, not two, not four - but  a 12-cylinder engine in v-formation, that too  from a supercar manufacturer renowned for making V12s with stratospheric power outputs, mated to the relatively lithe frame of a motorcycle.  Imagine taming this beast.

This mammoth caterpillar of a bike is the creation of  a  Chuck Beck from Georgia, US, who procured the engine from a friend who'd lost the rest of his Lamborghini to a fire. Beck mated the engine remains to a custom motorcycle frame and created a custom linkage in order to steer the motorcycle.  A 3-speed transmission from a Volkswagen is used to lay all that power down.

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