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Video worth watching: Michael Dunlop’s record breaking IOMTT lap

Team OD  /
11 Jun 2016 15:37:03 IST

With the 2016 IOMTT (Isle of Man Tourist Trophy) just into its opening week, the road course's lap record has already been shattered. Racing for Hawk Racing BMW on an S1000RR, Michael Dunlop blitzed the 60.72km course with a time of 16 minutes 58 seconds, making it not only the fastest lap to date, but also the first lap time to break the sub-17 minute barrier. If those numbers seem a bit obscure, here is a stat that will put everything into perspective - an average speed of 214.68kmph. That speed on a motorcycle anda narrow road course is complete lunacy.

In the onboard lap footage you will be able to see Dunlop as he slithers through the Snaefell Mountain Course at a frightening pace, popping the occasional wheelie whilst leaving a corner or a crest. Unsurprisingly, the lap record also gave Dunlop the win in the Superbike class, alsoshattering the previous race record by 1 minute 15 seconds. Dive headfirst into the record breakinglap below to see what we're on about:

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