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Video worth watching: Racing scooters up Lion's Head, Nitro Circus style!

Team OD  | Published: April 07, 2018, 11:30 AM IST

Just how much fun can you have riding scooters up a twisty mountain road? The Nitro Circus crew answers this question in our video worth watching this week. Stunt rider and multiple X Games freestyle motocross champion Travis Pastrana takes to the streets of Cape Town in South Africa in the video. He is joined by Steve Mini and Blake 'Bilko' Williams as they race their three scooters through the city. Their aim, to reach the Lion's Head, a mountaintop on the city's outskirts. Hilarity ensues as Pastrana is handed a slower, older scooter to take away his advantage over Mini and Bilko. Despite the disadvantage, Pastrana proves why he's so revered as he wins the challenge.

The trio is seen playing around with each other as they slip, slide, and jump the hapless scooters while finding their way up. And we learn, how little it can be about what machine you're riding, when you set out to have fun. The Nitro Circus team is, of course, a crew of trained professionals and the stunts they perform are carried out under expert supervision. So please do not try these stunts on your own, and definitely not near any public roads.


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