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Video Worth Watching: Real-time cutaway illustration of a motorcycle engine

Team OD  /
04 Aug 2015 13:53:25 IST

Deep down, as apetrol-head,you must have hadthe desireto take an engine and slice right through the middle to see what'sin there. But of course you don't have a spareengine lying around or the equipmentto cut one up in the first place. But don't worry, here's a video that is sure to satisfy all thoseurges. The clipwas made by Espadaysantacruz, a rather eccentric ad agency from Madrid. It was created to demonstrate3M's latest Cubitron II abrasives. This rather well put together time-lapse video is, in way, a live cutaway illustration of a motorcycle engine. In it, theteam have set up a time-lapse camera and captureda machine grindingaway at the engine, millimetre by millimetre.


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