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Video worth watching: The right way to pick up a fallen motorcycle

Team OD  /
18 Aug 2015 12:24:10 IST

Dropping a motorcycleis an inevitable part of owning it. However, once the drama of falling off is over, one must pick up the motorcycle before analysing and brooding over the damages caused by that one stupid move.

More often than not, a person would tend to lean over the bike and pick it up, in a bend position. While you might get away with this move if you own an RX100 or a bike of similar dimensions, you still run the risk of injuring your back. There is a certain correct and efficient method to pick up a droppedmotorcycle, heavy or otherwise, by getting the rightmuscles to do all the work.

In this video that was shot by AutoMotoTube, a lady at the Harley-Davidson stands in the 2013 NY Motorcycle show, meticulously demonstrates this method as she effortlessly picks up a 271kg Harley-Davidson Superlow. Much impressed we should say!

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