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Vinod S clinches title in Four-wheeler Indian Open Category at JK Tyre FMSCI Indian National Drag Championship

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28 Apr 2015 21:11:27 IST

Ah, drag racing. . . All you need is a big engine, good transmission and a long stretch of road to transform into Dominic Toretto from The Fast and the Furious. But we believe that if it's on a track, that too one like the Kari Motor Speedway, all the better. 'Cause track racing is, well, not for amateurs.

JK Tyre FMSCI Indian National Drag Championship (7)

The JK Tyre FMSCI Indian National Drag Championship aims to provide drag racers from all over the country with a platform to showcase their speed and skills on a large stage. The motorsport event spread across two days from April 22-23, 2015 at the Kari Motor Speedway in Coimbatore attracted around 200 cars. It was a treat for the spectators who witnessed everything from the modified Honda Citys to powerful sportscars like Nissan GTRs and Porsche 911s.

JK Tyre FMSCI Indian National Drag Championship (5)

The championship format was based on a four round series where each competitor accrued points depending on his position in each round. Two cars would race alongside on a 250-metre track and the 400-metre (quarter mile) track as well. Motorcycle rounds followed a similar format.

JK Tyre FMSCI Indian National Drag Championship

Joel Joseph led the championship in the first two roundswhile Ravindra Bopanna was the runner-up. On April 22, Joel Joseph once again dominated and emerged victorious in the third and fourth round in his Honda City. He was followed by Jagdish BL who finished in 14.14 seconds. Jayanth Somanathan came a close third in 14.44 seconds.

The Four-wheeler Indian Open Category saw Vinod S from Coimbatore clinch the championship title. He was followed by Joel Joseph and Ravindra Bopanna in second and third respectively.

Joel Joseph went on to seal the championship title in the Four-wheeler Unrestricted Category. He was followed by Gaddafi Malik who came in a close second and Akram Malik from Tirunelveli.

JK Tyre FMSCI Indian National Drag Championship (3)

Of course, the Two-wheeler Indian Open Category also witnessed close and exciting finishes. Javeed Khan from Hyderabad clinched the win in this category. Anthony A from Bangalore followed him to second place. The third place was extremely tight and saw a tie between Nisarullah Khan from Bangalore and Raja V. But since in drag racing there's only have one winner for every position, Nisarullah Khan was awarded the prize for superior timings and reaction time.

JK Tyre FMSCI Indian National Drag Championship (4)

Rizwan Khan from Mysore came first in the Two-wheelerUnrestricted Category. Mohd Riyaz from Hyderabad and A R Shabbir from Bangalore were the first and second runners-up, respectively.

With adrenaline rushing events like this, it's only a matter of time before the participation and spectator numbersbegin to increase rapidly.

High Speed Action at JK Tyre FMSCI Indian National Drag Racing Championship

~Vinod S & Joel Joseph dominate in the four wheeler category & Javeed Khan & Rizwan Khan ruled in the 2-wheeler category~ Coimbatore April 23, 2015: The JK Tyre-FMSCI Indian National Drag Racing Championship was held on April 22 & 23, 2015 at the Kari Motor Speedway, Coimbatore. The championship was a 4 round series where each competitor accumulated points depending on his position in each round. At the end of the championship, the competitor with the maximum points was declared the champion of the season. Around 200 participants registered for the event which witnessed exotic cars ranging from Nissan GT-R to Porsche 911 racing alongside each other. The format of the event was two cars and bikes race alongside on a 400 meter and 250 meter track respectively. Round 1 & 2 declared Joel Joseph followed by Ravindra Bopanna as the frontrunners in the four wheeler Indian open category. Round 3 & 4 of the championship which took place on 22 April, saw drivers thrilling the crowd with their action. Joel Joseph, sitting behind the wheels of Honda City emerged as the overall winner by finishing the race in 13.68 seconds. Jagdish BL finished second by completing the race in 14.14 seconds. Finishing third was Jayanth Somanathan in 14.44 seconds. The final day witnessed some adrenaline pumping action in the championship today. Competitors from across the country were all geared up for a nail biting finish as today's race was the deciding factor of the overall champions of the JK Tyre FMSCI Indian National Drag Racing Championship. In the four wheeler Indian open category, Coimbatore lad Vinod S sealed his championship title followed by Joel Joseph from Bangalore. Finishing third was Ravindra Bopanna from Hyderabad. In the four wheeler unrestricted category, Joel Joseph from Bangalore drove his way to the championship title. Finishing close to Joel were Gaddafi Malik & Akram Malik from Tirunelveli in second & third place respectively. The two wheeler category also witnessed exciting finishes. In the Indian open category, Javeed Khan from Hyderabad walked away with the championship title followed by Antony A from Bangalore finishing second. There was a tie between Nisarullah Khan from Bangalore & Raja V but Nisarullah was declared the second runner up because of his better timings & reaction time. In the Unrestricted category, Rizwan Khan from Mysore finished first, followed by Mohd Riyaz from Hyderabad finishing second and Shabbir A R from Bangalore finishing third. JK Tyre along with Spitfire Motorsports and Speedway Motorsports organised the JK Tyre-FMSCI Indian National Drag Racing Championship in Coimbatore. Drag Racing is an extremely popular form of motorsport which has been gaining popularity in India in the recent times. The excitement surrounding this motorsport has been garnering a lot of entrants and unlike other forms of racing, a drag race is one where regular cars and motorcycles with no modifications also can take part and compete. Although a number of Drag Races have been conducted in the country from the 1990's, there has never been a championship organised for the same. Championships like this is expected to give a major boost to the sport and increase the competitiveness and quality to international events.

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