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Volkswagen to compensate US customers for diesel emissions scandal

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08 Feb 2016 16:56:37 IST

Volkswagen is planning to compensate itsnearly6lakh UScustomers affected by the emissions scandal, according to a report in theFrankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, a German newspaper.


The German carmakerhas appointed Kenneth Feinberg, an American attorney, in charge of compensations in the US. Feinberghas previouslybeen responsible forcompensation funds for victims hit by September 11 attacks, the BD Deepwater Horizon oil spill and also GM's ignition switch crashes.Kenneth reported that owing to the differences between the brand and the authorities, he would not achieve his target of settling the claims within 60 to 90 days.

Volkswagen has postponed the announcement of its 2015 sales report and also pushed back the annual shareholder's meeting owing to the delay in appropriating the exact costs incurred due tothe diesel emission scandal.Financial statements from the company, therefore, are still pending.

"It is a purely business transaction, less emotional. I see the from emails I get from vehicle owners, who say things like,'Mr Feinberg, I know I haven't lost a relative, I just want to be treated fairly.' They are all quite reasonable," said Kenneth to the newspaper.

Earlier this year, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) had rejected Volkswagen's proposed plans to fix its 2.0-litre diesel engines that were equipped with a defeat device to loweremissions from the vehicle when under test. According to CARB, the proposal was found to be "incomplete, substantially deficient and fallingshort of the legal requirement".

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