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Wishlist: five motorcycles we hope get launched

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21 Dec 2015 11:03:32 IST

Benelli TRK 502
A middleweight adventure bike? What's not to like in that? The Benelli TRK 502 gets a 500cc parallel twin motor, the same motor that powers the Leoncino, that makes over 45PS of power and 45Nm of torque. It also gets long travel suspension, steel spoke wheels which will come 17-inch as stock, but with an option of upgrading the front to 19-inch. It also gets off-road ready tyres. From what we see in the spec sheet, the only disadvantage of the motorcycle seems to be the rather heavy weight of 210kg (dry). Word is already out that this one is en route, so yay!

Benelli TRK 502_5

Honda Africa Twin
This is one motorcycle that we have been waiting for, and so has the rest of the motorcycling world. The Honda Africa Twin promises to carry on the legacy left behind by the original Africa Twin. What do we know so far? It is powered by an all new 998cc, parallel twin motor that has technology borrowed from its CRF brethren. The motor makes a bit over 90PS, which isn't much considering all the other big adventure bikes are now making upwards of 100PS. Some even hovering close to 200PS. It might not be the most powerful of the lot, but at 242kg, it sure is the lightest. That means we won't be too scared of tipping over on this motorcycle. It also means that the lack of power might not be so much of a concern. It also gets that optional dual clutch gearboxIt looks like a million dollars and just looking at it makes us want to go ride around the world. Seeing how Honda would rather just make Activas in India, it looks highly unlikely that they will take the effort to bring the Africa Twin here.

16YM CRF1000L Africa Twin16YM CRF1000L Africa Twin

Ducati XDiavel
This is what the Diavel has evolved into. We suspect. It is a reactive measure to increase numbers in the cruiser heavy American market. Whatever be the case, there is just n denying that the XDiavel is an impressive motorcycle. It is powered by the latest iteration of the Diavel's Testastretta. It makes over 150PS and features some trick electronic gadgetry that even includes launch control! The XDiavel looks dramatically different from the Diavel and the most important factor in this is that the foot pegs are now no longer rear set. It now uses a cruiser-esque forward set foot position and even has increased rake. We loved the power cruiser look and feel of the older Diavel. We aren't quite sure what to make of this new XDiavel, despite it being mad awesome to look at. We'll just have to ride it and see. With Ducati India finally gathering some momentum in the market, it looks very likely that we could see the XDiavel on our streets very soon.


Yamaha MT-03
Now this is one motorcycle, that we love the idea of. A small capacity motorcycle that packs a punch? We love it. It is the same equation that makes us love the KTM 390 Duke so much - small capacity, big power. The MT-03 uses the same motor as the recently launched Yamaha R3 and that in itself is reason to rejoice. The parallel twin motor makes 42PS and 27Nm, but is 4kg lighter. It looks pretty kickass with its street fighter looks, especially in contrasting colours on the exposed frame. And considering how much we love the R3, we have big expectations from this naked sibling. We might be getting to see the MT-03 sooner than you expect. In fact, we wouldn't be surprised if we see it at the Auto Expo in February. Yummy!

Yamaha MT-03 (13)

Yamaha MT-10
Does this need any explanation? I think not. Ever since EICMA, we haven't been able to get our jaws off the floor. Unlike now we though the Z1000 was the epitome of a mean street naked. But with the MT-10, Yamaha has just blown everything else away. It uses the POWERTRAIN from the cross plane R1 but has been returned to make more midrange power. All the cycle parts are the same too - suspension, frame and even electronics to some, extent. Scorching performance in a package that looks like that? We think Yamaha already has a winning formula. We'd like one in that matte gray and flourescent yellow shade please. Will it come to India? Considering the R1 is already here in India, we don't see the MT-01 taking too long to come here.


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