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Yamaha opens new R&D centre in India

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09 May 2013 16:13:02 IST

Yamaha India has established a R&D centre in Surajpur, U.P to further strengthen its hold in the Indian market. Yamaha Motor Research and Development India Pvt. Ltd. (YMRI) will be the motorcycle R&D headquarters in India for the company and will also act as an India-centric development centre. YMRI was established in February and is the second integrated development centre after the ASEAN integrated development centre in Thailand. The YMRI in India will be the fifth overseas R&D headquarters for the Yamaha Group after Italy, Taiwan, China and Thailand.

With the new R&D centre in its tow, Yamaha aims to focus more on raising the design, maintenance and the production standards in India. Future plans of Yamaha Motor include the set up of the new Chennai site which will focus on developing the models for India based on the models developed for the Japanese market. With the burgeoning motorcycle market in India acting as an effective catalyst, Yamaha has been aggressive in its approach and only good things can be expected for the consumers.

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