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100 per cent hike on Green Tax for commercial vehicles entering Delhi

16 Dec 2015 / 1

The Supreme Court is considering doubling the Environment Compensation Charge (ECC) levied on commercial vehicles that cross the borders of Delhi. This move has been proposed in light of the rising concerns of vehicular emissions and air pollution in the national capital.

Tata's commercial vehicle driving centre in Singrauli

The Environment Compensation Charge or Green Tax was introduced in Delhi on October 9, 2015. Charges for light vehicles and two-axle trucks amounted to Rs 700 while a cess of Rs 1,300 had to be paid for three and four-axle trucks entering Delhi. If revised, the taxes will increase to Rs 1,400 and Rs 2,600, respectively. This suggestion from the Supreme Court was other recommendations, that included a ban on registration of diesel vehicles that have an engine capacity of over 2000cc.

The Delhi Government is also planning on extending section 194 of the Motor Vehicles Act which restricts entry of commercial vehicles to Delhi at certain times, to private cars. Under this section, the government can impose a fine of Rs 2,000 or more for violating this rule.

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