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2014 Fiat Avventura Concept India image gallery

15 Feb 2014 / 0

The Fiat Avventura which is based on the Punto platform is a concept which was displayed at the Auto Expo 2014. Fiat though has plans of  putting it into production and launching it in this financial year. Here are some images of this car

Fiat Avventura Concept (2)

Fiat has raised the ground clearance and has accented the exteriors with plenty of rugged touches like protective skid plates and roof bars

Fiat Avventura Concept (5)

Fiat Avventura Concept (6)

The externally mounted spare wheel isn’t mounted directly on the hatch but instead has a smart mechanism that allows it to swivel away from the hatch

Fiat Avventura Concept (8)

The wheels also look real cool

Fiat Avventura Concept (9)

The interiors carry forward the orange theme with accents

Fiat Avventura Concept (11)

The Avventura will be as comfortable as the Punto

Fiat Avventura Concept (1)

The interiors look loaded with features though Fiat still calls it as a concept

For more information on the Avventura concept, click here

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