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2014 Hero Pleasure with IBS image gallery

10 Jun 2014 / 0

Hero showed off the new Pleasure last year. The scooter recently went on sale and we have ridden it. You can check what’s changed in the Hero Pleasure scooter in the expansive image gallery below.

Hero Pleasure 2014 (2)

The Hero Pleasure is now available in two-tone colours

Hero Pleasure 2014 (3)

There are about eight eye-catching colours to choose from. Notice the brake lock clamp

Hero Pleasure 2014 (4)

The single-unit head light glares piercingly with blue pilot lamps

Hero Pleasure 2014 (8)

The talking point of the new Pleasure is the Integrated Braking System

Hero Pleasure 2014 (7)

The head lamp design has been altered a bit

Hero Pleasure 2014 (12)

The tail lamp which was originally a petite unit gets more pronounced in the new Pleasure

Hero Pleasure 2014 (11)

The light in the boot  is barely enough to light up even the tiny storage space 

Hero Pleasure 2014 (6)

The meter has been revised and includes a minuscule side stand indicator (Yes, good luck spotting it)

Hero Pleasure 2014 (9)

The front storage space also has a charging socket for nomophobic riders

Hero Pleasure 2014 (10)

The new Pleasure inherits the same 102cc engine from the outgoing scooter

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